Next EntoCall

 EntoCall 6 with the North American Edible Insect Coalition

Panel speakers featuring:

Dr. Marianne Shockley (University of Georgia)

 RNA (Little Herds)



Updates from the NAEIC: thoughts from Detroit and the path forward

TUESDAY, July 19th at 8pm CET or 3pm ET


Our fifth EntoCall will feature a pannel of speakers who have contributed to the creation of NAEIC.  NAEIC was started by Dr. Marianne Shockley, a long-time outreach aficionado and entomologist of the University of Georgia.  The NAEIC has received a great reception from the North American edible insect industry, especially from RNA of Little Herds, Greg Sewitz of Exo, and Jared Goldin of Entomo Farms.


We will discuss the community ideas collected from the NAEIC working session held at the Detroit Eating Insects conference and what steps are necessary to move the coalition forward.  The call format will be similar to past EntoCalls: 15 min pannel presentation, 20 min of moderated questions to the pannel, and 20 min of open discussion.

To effectively moderate questions for the pannel, please email your questions for the NAEIC members to at least 24 hours prior to the call.